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Instant Chemistry Shorts

Spending their first New Year's Eve together too much drinking leads to an erotic down and dirty happy ending for all! A sexy, sweet and fun way to bring in the New Year!

When Cam spots what his wife plans to wear fore a night of partying, he can't tell if he's mad or crazily aroused. He'll have to make sure she doesn't forget what she has at home before she leaves the house!

Still considered newlyweds Robert and Mika are spending what should have been a quiet weekend at home. There's just one problem...stuffy, serious Robert is bored. And idle hands turn into a pleasurable game of wills for these two.

Celebrating their 1st-year anniversary on the island they wed on, Mika and Robert engage in racy behavior all over the island! Becoming closer in unexpected ways once at home, all as their love grows.

Taylor Love

Taylor Love Is a Contemporary Romance Author from Michigan who writes Sexy-Modern and Steamy Romances! Books that focus primarily on Black on Black Love stories, that are sweet, romantic, steamy and positive. I prefer my books overall to have low "drama" and stick to the "journey" of two people meeting and over time falling in love. Of course with the pitfalls and ups and downs that entails. My goal is to tell interesting contemporary, realistic (to a certain degree as who doesn't love a little "make-believe") romance stories for African American's around the world. My books should pair well with the mature-minded reader who wants to see relationships done in a non-dysfunctional way and a glass of your favorite wine!

Black romantic love is real!