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Running Into You

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Come see how an everyday moment turns into a hot sizzling romance!

Andrea Cole has a demanding career that doesn’t leave a lot of time for men or drama. Her life has it all…except romance. Besides love should work on her schedule, but destiny has other plans when she literally runs into Cam. If those golden brown eyes were not enough to have her rethinking, then the spark of electricity when they touch definitely did! Will undeniable chemistry have her penciling romance into her life?

Cam “Camden” Holden, likes his life just the way it is. He has a job that allows him freedom and plenty of money to enjoy the fruits of his labor. His casual dating life is fun and satisfying for all involved, but he’s open to meeting “the one” to make him take love seriously. When he meets pretty-eyed Andrea the all-consuming attraction he feels puts him in pursuit mode. Will he be able to lure in the wary Ms. Cole…so he can make his house a home?